Randa Salem

Sr. User Exp. Designer and Design Lead IBM

Randa Salem is a senior User Experience Designer and Design Lead in IBM, currently part of the IBM Hybrid Cloud Design organization.  She joined IBM in Rome 28+ years ago, after obtaining a double major Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Mathematics in the United States.

Randa’s experience in IBM has allowed her to span multiple roles in the software development organization giving her a 360 degree view of the end to end lifecycle of solution development, from inception, to delivery to support.  She started as a Software Engineer, specializing in user interface development, then moved on as a team lead and soon after as client support manager, interacting further with clients.

It’s when Randa took up on the role of client support manager that she developed a passion for the User Experience design discipline with focus on usability but mostly on user-centered design, to help deliver solutions that are user-oriented and that deliver a delightful experience to clients.

She has over 15+ years’ experience in User Experience design.  She has lead multiple design projects in the areas of Cloud, Systems Management and Digital Business Automation, acquiring domain and business context expertise in each area.

Her technical background, combined with her User Experience design enable her to effectively lead the design and delivery of user-oriented solutions, working in great synergy with the extended product teams and clients.

In the most recent years, she has mastered the Enterprise Design Thinking methodology, leveraging it in her daily work, and with clients.   This allowed her to work even more effectively with the product teams, using this methodology to minimize the risks, innovate, and maximize the results when delivering user-centered solutions.

She conducted various workshop with clients, including the THINK event in Rome in 2018.

She played a key role in establishing the IBM Rome Design Space; collaborates with IBM Cloud Garage and IBM Studios in Milan.

Randa speaks English, French, Italian and Arabic and enjoys music and driving her car.

Her daily inspiration has been ever seeded by this phrase she came across when in college:
“If I can’t do great things, I will do small things in a great way”.


Enterprise Design Thinking and Beyond.

The Enterprise Design Thinking follow on: a view on the inbound and outbound project aspects in today’s continuous delivery ecosystem Looking beyond this established practice, the Enterprise Design Thinking methodology opens up yet more opportunities for innovation in several outbound aspects of the project at hand. A lot can be done to establish systematic collaboration with stakeholders and clients so that success factors can be better defined and assessed, and decisions related to planning and risk management are better informed.