Oliver Lehmann

Project management trainer, author, and analyst

Oliver Lehmann is a project management trainer, author, and analyst from Munich, Germany. He has been a member and volunteer at PMI for many years in various roles, among them as a contributor to PMI standards including the PMBOK Guide and as President of the PMI Southern Germany Chapter (the former PMI Munich Chapter) from 2013 to 2018. In addition, Oliver Lehmann acts as visiting lecturer at the Doctoral programs at the Technical University of Munich.

Oliver began as a self-employed trainer in 1995. Since his own PMP certification in February 2001, he has project managers achieve this coveted status. He has training experience in Europe, USA, and Asia. In addition, he wrote seminal books on “Situational Project Management – The Dynamics of Success and Failure” and on “Project Business Management”. He publishes regularly in the Project Management World Journal magazine and at Academia.edu.

In the last years, his attention was captured by Project Business Management. He considers it a new discipline, which describes how a growing number of projects are not performed internally in organizations, in cross-functional matrix structures, but in cross-corporate fashion, with one or more customers, contractors, and possibly more players involved. This will also be the content of his lecture at the InNOWation congress.


Mission Success First’ in Innovation Projects.

20 years ago, innovation mostly happened in internal R&D departments, often hermetically locked and separated from the operational employees in order to surprise the market with new ideas and solutions. A growing numbers of organizations however are using today contractors for the task, legally separate entities that work under contract. This is part of a general trend towards more project management as a cross-organizational discipline, that can be measured, whose effects nonetheless are widely overlooked, and for which project managers are not prepared.

 The presentation focuses on the differences of projects done internally and those given to contractors. The secret to successful innovation projects under contract is turning contract parties into project partners, putting completing over competing, and ensuring a joint “Mission Success first” culture among all entities involved.

Oliver will discuss the different challenges and solutions to master them.