Kazuo Inumaru

Founding Partner Ethic Intent

Kazuo Inumaru has been a teacher and trainer in Japanese language for more than 37 years, first at the University of Venice and then at the University of Pavia.

He has also been teaching Social Anthropology, Japanese Management, HRM and Cross-cultural Communication, Lean Production and Knowledge Management.

He is a company trainer in the field of HRM applied to Lean Production, Japanese culture and management, Cross-cultural Communication and Knowledge Management.

He contributed in bringing Japanese managerial tools, including TQC and Lean Production, to large Italian companies, such as Fiat, the Italian Post and FS, Italian Railways Group.

Kazuo has worked also for major Japanese companies willing to integrate Japanese managers in the Italian context.

He is also interested in intercultural communication between Japan and the Western world.

His professional profile is characterized by:  Intercultural Communication, Lean production organizer, Kaizen planner and organizer, Knowledge Transfer and Benchmarking programmer.


Innovation in the ethical sphere.

  • A new stage of capitalism, where all stakeholders of a company and of an organization become more conscious of the values they create
  • Companies such as Patagonia, Barry-Wehmiller, Toms, New Balance and others face the needs of modern society being also emotionally intelligent in leadership and interactions with the stakeholders.
  • Best places to work – some companies and cases
  • Who owns the company?  From the past to the present
  • Trust and Thrust   Cipla in India / Southwest in the USA
  • How to create engagement in the employees – the concept of “Cincinnity”.