Emad E. Aziz

President & CEO Brisk Business

With experiences in managing programs and projects worth over 10 billion USD in the sectors of Oil & Gas, Business, IT, Construction, Finance and Banking, Politics, Government, Healthcare, Automotive, FMCGs and Economic Development, Emad has accumulated a expertise that he puts to work to transform organizations by translating their strategic objectives into tangible results. Emad specializes in strategy execution, organizational change management, management of complex multidisciplinary programs and projects, rescuing troubled projects, as well as the setup, alignment and operation of Portfolio, Program, and Project Management Offices (PMOs).

In 2015 Emad was a member of the Advisory Panel to the White House Business Council on International trade and in 2016 a member of the Industry Advisory Council to the American Public University System (APUS).

Emad is the lead editor of the book “How Successful Organizations Implement Change”, The Project Management Institute (PMI®), 2017. He is a member of the core team that developed the Third Edition of the “Project Manager Competency Development Framework” (PMCDF) Standard, and a Subject Matter Expert Contributor to The Standard for Organizational Project Management” (OPM), “The Standard for Program Management” Fourth Edition, and “The Standard for Portfolio Management” Fourth Edition, of The Project Management Institute (PMI®). He is also the last Manager of the PMI® Information Technology and Telecommunications Community of Practice (IT & Telecom CoP), The Founder and President of the PMI® Egypt Chapter. In 2013 Emad was an Evaluator of submissions for PMI® Professional Awards for Individual Recognition, and a Steering Committee Member and Chair of the Consultancy, Training, and Development Committee of the Egyptian Junior Business Association (EJB).

Emad actively participates in outreach activities, through publishing books, white papers, features, and articles in various publications such as PM Network (PMI®), as well as speaking engagements, including but not limited to Rutgers Business School, PACE University, The American University in Cairo, and PMI® Global Congresses in North America and EMEA. He is also the founder of the ‘Projects to the Point (P2P) Conference and Exhibition’ www.p2pevents.net and BRISK Business Inc. www.brisk-business.com

In 2008, Emad facilitated the first ever agreement between PMI® and a government being the Government of Egypt. The scope of the agreement included capacity building of the government to run its projects more effectively using PMI’s standards and achieve strategic directives through the adoption of formal PPPM, as well as localizing content.


Innovation doesn’t have to be digital.

The word “innovation” has become greatly associated with technology. Not only that, but many think of cutting-edge technological breakthroughs and major industry disruptors when they hear the word “innovation”: Tesla, Uber, Airbnb, the iPhone, and so on. While all the above are indeed the result of remarkable innovation, innovation is not limited to technology, nor does it necessary mean creating the next market disruptor or multi-billion dollar app.

We project managers are faced with the unknown on almost every project we undertake. Not only that, but we sometimes need to manage projects – in almost every industry – that are too complex or constrained in unconventional ways. The result is that we need to use innovation to navigate such complexity and meet the constraints imposed whether by the client, the sponsor, or the context. Innovation comes in all sizes when it comes to project management: big, obvious, innovation, or small, and sometimes unseen yet effective. This presentation is based on a number of case studies of how innovation  was used to achieve strategic objectives of organizations, and even supported the achievement of organizational agility when needed