Carlo Castoldi

Senior Project Manager at Engineering Ingegneria Informatica SpA.

PMP certified with more than 10 years’ experience in IT and Consulting, both leading and supporting cross functional projects in many different business domains.

In term of IT and software projects his experience ranges from full-tailored solutions to specific vertical customization of OTS products.

His professional profile has also been enriched by a relevant Project Portfolio Management experience.

Never been bound to a specific technology or functional domain, makes his strength from the wide variety of different context / processes / customers dealt with, making him able to also tackle business and it transformation projects with a complete vision and to fully support project and service shaping.


Hands-on experience in a project to innovate how manage filling station asset maintenance.

Talking about a big Oil & Gas Company, with more that 1800 filling stations span across 10 countries, ensuring that all assets and services run smoothly when a customer need it is a must.

Nevertheless, doing this with an eye to cost efficiency is the key to outperform competition.

The Company decided to embrace the change developing a dedicated IT system while changing its internal processes, and here we come into play.

The speech will give an overview of our experience in managing the project from the IT supplier perspective, hiding underlying complexity to the Customer and letting him focus on business change