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PME is a service company virtual oriented and goal oriented. This is the meaning of our slogans, which also represents the mission of our organization: Governance E2E, Value for money, New frontiers of consulting. We strongly believe that the value of the service is its quality in terms of effectiveness, efficiency, professionalism, innovation and flexibility and we aim to offer our customers only this, freeing advice from everything that is ‘superfluous’, which generates costs without creating any value. For example, our approach tends to minimize on-site interventions, as these are important only if they are required by the customer and useful for building mutual trust, and they are critical to achieve the objectives of the initiative

From this perspective, we propose and decline the whole service portfolio even in a ‘remote mode’ and “on demand”, which is, in our opinion, the new frontier for the provision of professional advice.

While this may seem, from one side, like a very simplistic solution to respond effectively to the reduction of the budget, on the other side is a challenge that can be supported and won only by really competent professionals. The creation of the total value for the customer is our unique purpose. In this context we have hence created two proprietary methodologies, which we apply in an integrated way with the most important internationally recognized frameworks (such as PMBOK®, PRINCE2®, but also the ISO Standard 21500 and more and more Agile approaches and methodologies), by putting stakeholders at the core of the projects, turning them from ‘viewers’ into main characters.

That’s why our virtual oriented model allows you to fully release all the potential value of the initiative, in all of its axes or dimensions: 1. shorter projects (reduced time to market); 2. most effective projects with measurable results, since the targets are shared by and with stakeholders; 3. cheaper Projects because results-oriented, without unnecessary inefficiencies (value for money).

We help companies in gaining and consolidating an ‘agile’ mindset, by redesigning the organizational model to support customer centrality and value creation.

Risk Doctor

Since 2003, The Risk Doctor Partnership has provided specialist risk management consultancy from our global team of senior risk experts. We offer high-quality professional advice to clients across the world, combining leading-edge thinking with expert practical application, providing access to the latest developments in risk management best practice.

 Services from The Risk Doctor Partnership are available worldwide through our network of partners, who include world-class experts in various risk specialisms. Full details of the business are on our website The website also offers a wide range of free resources (videos, webinars, briefings and papers), and you can raise specific queries for rapid diagnosis.


Cefriel is a digital innovation center that creates products, services and processes, participates in international research programs and develops digital culture and skills. ​

Founded in 1988 by Politecnico di Milano, today it includes as shareholders University of Milan, University of Milan Bicocca, Insubria University, the Lombardy Region and 17 multinational companies.​

Cefriel is consortium company totally autonomous from public or private funding. It is a not for profit where the real dividend is the impact on the economy, on society and on the territory, and the creation and promotion of new professional skills and competences.​

Product description Cefriel:


OBJECTIVE: enable people and organizations to manage innovation and to promote operational excellence in processes and projects

WHO WE ARE: Cefriel is a digital innovation center founded in 1988 by Politecnico di Milano that creates digital products, services and processes, participates in national and international research programs, and develops digital skills and culture.

The Project Management Academy was created in 2003 to enable innovation and process excellence inside organizations.

The PM Academy is Registered Educational Provider of the Project Management Institute and of the International Institute of Business Analysis.


o TRANSFORMATION PROJECTS: Design of governance models, processes, roles and organizations for innovation and digital transformation. Definition of processes, guidelines, tools and techniques to manage projects portfolio and operations

o EXECUTIVE SESSIONS AND WORKSHOPS: Visual Innovation Storming workshops to elaborate concepts, business opportunities, storyboards and mockups of products and services. Design Thinking sessions to redefine processes, tools and services. Focused sessions to design innovation strategies.

o MENTORING AND COACHING: Mentoring on processes, tools and techniques to support change and to introduce project management approaches, processes tools and techniques. Individual coaching for the development of innovation and project management culture and mindset

o TRAINING: taylor made and catalogue educational courses and certifications on the following topics:

      • Innovation Management
        • Business Modelling for Innovation
        • Change Management
        • Design Thinking
        • Digital Business Transformation
        • Innovation Strategy & Management
        • Servitization
      • Process Excellence
        • Agile & Lean
        • Business Analysis
        • Portfolio & Program Management
        • Project Management
        • Risk Management
        • Service Management
        • System & Requirements Engineering

Thales Alenia Space

For over forty years Thales Alenia Space has been designing, integrating, testing and managing innovative high-tech space systems for telecommunications, navigation, earth observation, environmental management, scientific research and orbital infrastructures. Governments and private industries rely on Thales Alenia Space for the design of satellite systems that provide for the connection and positioning, monitoring of the planet, the increase of its resources and the exploration of our System in every place and at any time Solar and beyond.
Thales Alenia Space sees space as a new horizon, helping to build a better and more sustainable life on Earth.
Thales Alenia Space is a Joint Venture between Thales (67%) and Leonardo (33%). Thales together with Telespazio forms the strategic partnership “Space Alliance” able to offer a complete set of services. Thales Alenia Space has a consolidated turnover of 2.5 billion euros in 2018 and around 8,000 employees in almost all European countries.


Engineering is one of the world’s leading specialist providers of services, software development and digital platforms that supports both public and private companies or organisations through digital transformation. With around 11,000 professionals (of which over 1000 are Project Managers and 600 PMP® credential holders that ensure world class Governance and Project Management skills for the services and projects delivered worldwide) in 50 locations (in Europe, USA & LATAM), the Engineering group designs, develops and implements innovative solutions for the business areas in which digitalization is having the biggest impact, including digital finance, smart government & e-health, augmented city, digital industry, smart energy & utilities, digital media & communication.

The group aims to help change the way in which the world lives and works by combining its specialist expertise in next-generation technology with its outstanding proprietary infrastructure for cloud computing. This includes four data centers that meet the highest technology, quality and safety standards. With significant investments in R&D, Engineering plays a leading role in research, by coordinating national and international projects thanks to its team of 420 researchers and a network of academic partners and universities throughout Europe.

One of the group’s key strategic assets is its carefully considered staff training policy with courses provided by a dedicated School of IT & Management.