A team of great volunteers contributed to the organization and success of the event in the previous six months, with great availability and always responding to emerging needs quickly. Thanks to their work and their passion, it has been possible to manage all the various activities that have characterized the organization of the event. Moreover, their presence during the event guaranteed support for all phases of the two days and helps to the participants.

Many thanks go to all of them:

Matteo Caporale,

Massimiliano Ferraris di Celle,

Tiziana Francescangeli,

Maria Licciardi,

Enrico Marongiu,

Antonio Olivieri,

Ferdinando Pernarella,

Sabrina Scaroni,

Marilina Spaltro,

Vincenzo Solvino,

Umberto Surricchio

A special thank goes to Filippo Alessandro for his work and ability as event manager.

Sergio Funtò, Project Manager

inNOWation: Creating the Future.